Top 5 Reasons to Let The Professionals Do Your Window Cleaning

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘If it’s reality you want, I suggest you look out the window?’ But how can you see through the window if it’s dirty? Clean windows not only brighten up the inside of your home or office, but it also brightens your mood! When it comes to appearances alone, professional residential or commercial window cleaning has the potential to boost the aesthetic of the home, which is crucial in increasing your charm to customers, encouraging a sale, or simply impressing your guests.

Unless you live in a dungeon, your home or business premises have windows, which deserve more than a spray bottle cleaner and an old towel for cleaning. If you’re thinking of performing DIY window cleaning, consider these reasons why you should hire a professional window cleaning service.

  • The Right Equipment

Do you have a tall ladder for your upper windows? Do you have non-ionic cleaning detergents for your discoloured window panes? Do you have a streak-free drying solution? Rather than buying costly window cleaning equipment that you’ll probably never use again, it’s advisable to hire professional cleaners who are exclusively skilled in making windows sparkle. Besides being time consuming and labour intensive, DIY window cleaning using sprays bought from nearby stores and paper towels or newspapers for wiping usually leaves your windows looking dirtier. It’s always important to use the right equipment and cleaning agent by hiring a professional team who will save you time and protect your windows from potential damage.

  • Extended Life for Your Windows

Like many other aspects of maintaining a home or business, regularly cleaning your windows is essential in prolonging their lifespan. The gradual accumulation of grime and dust can damage your windows over time. In addition, filth from bugs and animals can cause rapid decay not just to your windows, but to the materials around them. Hiring a professional window cleaner is the solution since they can identify various problems with your windows and the entire building as well. Remember, the sooner a problem is spotted, the lower the average cost to fix it. Routine cleaning by professionals can prevent expensive repairs or replacements of glass and other parts of your windows.

  • Spotless Results

There is a huge difference between professional window cleaning and a DIY one. The former ensures that screens, frames, sills, and panes are all cleaned until they’re spotless. You can expect no streaks on both the inside and outside of your beautiful windows irrespective of the size of home or business premises. In addition, in order to achieve optimal results, it is important to go the extra mile rather than using a spray and a paper towel approach that many amateur window cleaners use. Professionals know that your windows require thorough cleaning both on the inside and the outside to produce superior results because of their top of the line equipment, products, and years of experience.

  • Guaranteed Safety  

Without the proper training and equipment, going up and down on a ladder around your home can be quite exhausting and extremely dangerous at the same time. In addition, if your office is located on a higher floor, it’s just not safe for you to attempt to clean your windows on your own. Avoid the risk of falling, breaking the window, cutting yourself on glass, or even dropping a tool on someone below by hiring professional window cleaners. They have extension ladders equipped with stabilizers and levellers that increase safety in all weather conditions. They also have liability insurance for serious injuries resulting from the window cleaning process. You certainly don’t want to pay an employee expensive worker’s compensation because you asked them to clean the office windows.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Finally, hiring a professional window cleaner trickles down to the costs involved, especially in a business. If you have your employees routinely cleaning the windows of your offices, their productivity is actually compromised. As a business owner, you may barely see it first-hand because these “soft cost” expenses usually fly under the radar. However, if you factor in time, materials, equipment and results, you’ll realise that hiring a commercial window cleaning company like Uncle D Cleaning Services can reduce your cost significantly and increase the productivity of your employees. Professional cleaners are well-trained in using the latest tools and techniques to achieve results in the most effective manner.

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