Top 4 Industries that Benefit from Cleaning Services in Singapore

If you want to increase productivity in your business, cleanliness will always be the stepping stone to profitability! Operating an industrial facility means that you have to maximise worker productivity, which largely points towards the health and safety of your workers as well as the reduction of lost time from the maintenance of your business premises. As such, you must acknowledge that both safety and equipment function relies on the cleanliness and sanitation of your industrial facility.

In Singapore, the majority of cleaning companies carry out their services in non-residential, or commercial buildings. Industry analysts describe this segment as being less susceptible to the effects of economic changes because cleanliness is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Businesses that hire cleaning services are ones that:

  • Want to save the time, energy, and increase employee productivity.
  • Want to avoid employing their own cleaning staff due to additional employer and insurance costs associated with the hiring, training, and managing cleaners as well as purchasing costly cleaning equipment.

As small business owners ourselves, we at Uncle D Cleaning Services understand the importance of professional cleaning for industrial businesses in Singapore. Below are the top 4 industries that benefit from our cleaning services:

  • The Healthcare Industry

Both large hospitals and medical private practices must protect the health of employees, along with patients and that’s why they seek industry-leading, healthcare-specific cleaning services. Running a medical facility is such a time-consuming profession and doctors rarely have enough time to perform DIY deep cleaning of their offices. Patients are the number one priority and doctors should be concerned with providing the highest level of medical care. Even though large hospitals usually employ their own janitorial staff, just like smaller private practices, from time to time, they outsource their cleaning needs depending on the type of cleaning services they need.

By hiring a professional cleaning service, private practices have more time to do the important work of taking care of their patients. At Uncle D, our full-service healthcare-specific cleaning services not only include actual medical spaces, but also bathrooms, offices, and waiting rooms. The key benefit of having a clean and spick-and-span hospital setting is that it reassures patients into recognising that they will receive the best treatment.

  • The Hospitality Industry

In Singapore, the hospitality industry is broadly categorised into four sectors, namely food and beverage; travel and tourism; lodging; and recreation. All these sectors demand a clean and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Even though smaller businesses in the hospitality industry may choose to delegate their cleaning responsibilities to employees due to strict budgets, the larger or specialty counterparts regularly outsource their cleaning to professional companies for high quality results.

Having employees performing the cleaning of their business is risky because a lot can fall between the cracks. Any overlooked area can make customers feel uneasy, especially if it’s an area where food is involved, and this is where Uncle D can help. Our commercial cleaning company can go the extra mile to keep your business premises clean as you focus on providing the best dining experience for your customers.

  • Sports and Fitness Industry

Generally, the larger chain or franchises in the sports and fitness industry prefer employing their own cleaning staff, while the independent or boutique gyms choose to outsource their cleaning needs. Either way, whether it’s a large stadium or a busy fitness centre, we all know that large groups of people are all there to enjoy themselves and have a good time. By hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain your facility, before, during, and after an event, you can be sure to keep your thrill seekers coming back for more.

At Uncle D Cleaning Services, we work with hundreds of local Gyms, Franchises, Activity Centres, and Sports Arenas to ensure the sanitary compliance of the facility is maintained. Even as thousands of people move through your venue during an event, our trained cleaners will ensure the event goes on smoothly by keeping your place well maintained, and in pristine condition.

  • Start-up Companies

Start-up business owners usually have a lot of work in their hands from juggling between acquiring new clients and managing existing clients, which means office cleaning is the least of their worries. As such, a number of start-up companies don’t have the time to perform DIY office cleaning needs. Since they know that a clean work environment is the cornerstone to increased business productivity and employee morale, hiring a cleaning company is always the best bet.  

By hiring a cleaning company, start-up owners can focus on other areas of the business. Companies offering commercial cleaning services understand the type of work that goes into starting a new business, as they can handle all your cleaning needs while you focus on the rest of your business needs.

Uncle D Cleaning Services offers services tailored to the needs of industrial buildings. Contact us today and we’ll deliver a comprehensive cleaning plan customised to your business’s specific needs.


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