The Cheapest Ways to Maintain Your Carpets Between Cleanings

Keeping your carpets clean and fresh is essential for your home or office because it makes a big difference in maintaining their appearance and indoor air quality. When your carpets are clean, they look good, smell good, and your entire home or office simply takes on a welcoming and nicer ambience. However, when your carpets start getting old, the feel of your living room or office space will also dwindle.

Since carpets are expensive, it’s not practical to constantly buy new ones every year to replace the old ones, while you could follow the below low-cost ways to maintain them between cleanings.

Clean Fresh Stains Immediately

At any time there’s spillage on your carpet, take immediate action to get rid of the stain before it soaks into the undersides and spread to other sides of the carpeting. Cleaning fresh stains immediately ensures that the stain is completely removed because the longer it rests on the carpet, the more stubborn it becomes during routine cleaning. Start by blotting the stain using a clean, dry cloth as soon as the accident occurs. If the stain does not completely come out, call professional carpet cleaners immediately because they are skilled in using different stain removal solution and methods. Rather than using DIY methods, it’s advisable to trust in carpet cleaning service providers to avoid damaging your carpet permanently.

Vacuum Regularly

One of the most important steps in carpet maintenance is regular vacuuming, as it also extends the life of your carpet and ensures it looks new all year round. No matter how thorough you are about asking your guests to take their shoes off and wipe their feet, dust, dirt and mud will inevitably reach your carpet. Twice a week, vacuum entrance areas and high-traffic areas, while the other areas you can vacuum at least once a week. Frequent vacuuming will reduce the build-up of mud, soil and dust; will get rid of allergens; will reduce the dullness of your carpet; and will minimise the impacts of foot traffic. In the end, the more frequently you vacuum your carpet, the better it will appear between routine cleanings.

Use Baking Soda

Between dirty footwear and accidental spillages, it’s highly unlikely for your carpets to discharge some unpleasant odours. And since you just don’t want your carpet to be clean, you need to find a way to leave it odour-free too. Sprinkling baking soda is a simple trick that will keep your carpet smelling fresher for longer. First, remove any particles on the carpet by vacuuming them up. Then sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda over it, leave it to settle for a few minutes or even hours depending on how much time you have in your hands. The longer the baking soda sits on the carpet, the more effective it will be in absorbing the odours rather than just covering them up. Lastly, vacuum the carpet as normal.

Walk on Carpet without Footwear

While such a suggestion may seem unreasonable, especially for offices or commercial premises that has full range carpets all over their floors, it’s important to acknowledge that the number one root cause of dirty carpets is our shoes. Even if you are walking outside barefooted, you can still transport outdoor pollutants to your carpets, which absorbs dirt and germs easily. Walking on your carpet without footwear is one of the most effective ways for reducing the amount of dirt from outside and promotes the longevity of your carpeting. This suggestion can work best with your home, but when it comes to commercial spaces, start with placing a mat outside the main entrance of your carpeted office to help reduce the spread of outdoor pollutants.

Keep Carpets Clear of Heavy Furniture

Placing heavy furniture on top of your carpet can eat away the fibres and fabric under those areas and make permanent dents. To make matters worse, if the furniture has sharp legs, the carpets will get pieced through and over time, they will start wearing away from that torn part. If you have placed the legs of the couch, table, cabinets, chairs any heavy furniture on top of your carpet, you should ensure that they are not so sharp to pierce through the fabric of the carpet. It’s advisable to choose furniture with flat bottoms if your carpet is delicate, or rearrange your house to ensure that no heavy furniture rests on it. Again, heaps of dirt can gradually accumulate underneath the heavy furniture.

The above suggestions will keep your carpets and rugs looking good and clean season after season. But you shouldn’t stop there. It is still important to invest in regular professional care to extend the life of your carpet. For more information how to professionally care your rug or carpet, please contact Uncle D Cleaning Services for assistance.


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