How to Identify and Clean the Dustiest Areas in Your Home

How dusty is your home?

Dust is an accumulation of ash, pollen, mould spores, dead skin particles, insect parts, and many more airborne particles. Dust carries a lot of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses that have the potential to make you and your entire family sick. Since dust is very insidious, the regular routine of dusting and vacuuming visible spots around your home is never enough. This shows that dust is very sneaky since it builds up gradually and without notice until it turn out to be too thick for you to afford ignoring it.

80% of people never realise how much dust accumulates in their homes until they see various horizontal surfaces covered in heaps or layers of dirt and filth. In your household, dust settles on these common spots, but you probably never think of cleaning them immediately. Below is a comprehensive list of regularly unexploited places where dust slowly gathers. Keep reading to learn how to clean heavy dust in these areas of your home for good.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are the leading dust magnets in your home not only because their fibres absorb dirt easily, but they are also constantly trampled upon. Furthermore, they can trap a lot of dust if they are completely visible or they are fixed from wall to wall. To ensure that your carpets and rugs remain dust free, regularly vacuum them because the frequency eliminates any dust particles that accumulate overnight. When it comes to the rugs, hang them outside on a clothesline or fence, thoroughly beat them using a stick or broom to get rid of loose dust, and then vacuum them.

Underneath Heavy Furniture

Do you have a big couch, hefty hardwood table, large bookshelf, huge cabinet, or king-size bed? Under these heavy furniture, you’ll most likely find heaps of dust, spider webs, and dead insects rolling around after thinking that your daily mopping, dusting and vacuuming took care of them. You have to go the extra mile to clean the undersides of these areas because they can become the headquarters of dust in your beautiful home. To clean those hard-to-reach areas thoroughly, contact a professional firm offering home cleaning services. They will help you move the heavy furniture, creatively use vacuum attachments, discreet sliders or even castors, and other flexible cleaning supplies to perform a deep clean attack of your home.

Bookshelves and Fireplace Mantels

Bookshelves and fireplaces attract a lot of dust. Often, you don’t need to move your books when dusting the bookshelf. Also, the surface of your fireplace mantel is often drawn to various items, such as photos, paper, letters, interior decorations, and many other clutter that have been intentionally and subconsciously abandoned. These categories of clutter are huge magnets of dust. To clear off the dust, regularly rearrange your bookshelf and move the items of the fireplace mantel as you clean house. Make sure you don’t skip these areas during your regular cleaning process as they can be easily be wiped down using a damp microfiber cloth.

Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, I bet you barely realise how dusty they are or it usually takes you a long while before you notice. This is because dust usually settles on the blades when they are not running, but as soon as you set them on a high speed rotation, the heavy film of dust scatters around the room inconspicuously. As you inhale “fresh” air, you’ll most likely be breathing in a cloud of germ-filled dust, which can only be visible when you switch on the lights. In addition, the clutters of dust will settle on other surfaces. To avoid this cyclic process in the future, all you need is a stepladder or stool to reach your fans. You will find that the dust on the top side of the blade is sticky, so spray a multipurpose cleaner on a soft cloth to thoroughly wipe the dirt.

Window Panes, Window Frames, and Window Sills

While tiny dust particles like sticking on your window panes and window frames, the window sills act as the little shelf for loose dust that constantly fall off. The dust can accumulate over time, especially in rooms that are not regularly occupied. To wipe off your window sill clean, run a soft bristle brush extension of your vacuum along it, then use a soft, soapy cloth to pick up any remaining dust. When it comes to windowpanes and frames, contact a professional firm offering home cleaning services to use a high pressure washer to remove dust out of nooks, crannies and corners. Since windows are dust magnets, Uncle D Cleaning Services recommends that you repeat this process on a weekly basis to keep dust away.

Dust can be the biggest nuisance in the never-ending battle against a dirty home. At Uncle D Cleaning Services, better indoor air quality stays on top of our home cleaning routine. If you are fed up with a dusty house, our home cleaning service professionals are just a phone call away. Contact us today so that you can return to a cosy home after your busy day.


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