Benefits of Keeping Your Office Clean

Lately, if you or your co-workers have been falling sick every now and again, chances are that your office is dirty, disorganized, and filthy. In fact, it means that the entire work environment is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and other germs, which is gradually affecting the health and productivity levels of your employees in a negative way. 

In Singapore, a clean office is one of the key elements that many profit-making companies have in common. When you maintain the cleanliness of your workplace, it not only improves the health of your workforce, but also increases their productivity. Apart from employees, cleanliness is also beneficial to your clients, visitors, and the entire facility. As such, the cleanliness of your workspace should be the first thing on your mind every day because it’s a major cornerstone to running a successful business.

Among the numerous reasons why you should always ensure that your office is spick-and-span and uncluttered, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Improves the Productivity of Employees

A number of studies confirm cluttered and messy environments are the main source of distractions. In an office setting, it all starts with your desk. If you have books, papers, pens, coins, your smartphone, your bag, and other items jumbled up aimlessly on top of your desk, it means your mind is in such a disarray. It’s important to reduce such a commotion in your workplace because it can cost the entire business valuable man hours. Hiring office cleaning services is the best way to increase employees’ productivity. It ensures that the office environment remains clean and well organised to make employees happy and feel contented with their work all through business hours.

  • Protects the Health of Employees

If your office has a proper cleaning strategy, chances are that employees will rarely call in sick or fall sick in the workplace. Companies renowned for maintaining cleanliness in their offices lessen instances when employees have to miss work due to illnesses. The health of employees can only be safeguarded if the office environment is devoid of illness-causing bacteria that thrive in this setting because individuals spend a big fraction of their day there. To reduce employee absenteeism and lost work days resulting from illnesses, the cleanliness of your workplace should start with sanitising high touch areas, such as doorknobs, keyboards, appliances, and disinfecting trash cans to reduce the spread of germs.

  • Improves the Quality of Air

A reduced amount of dust floating in the office environment not only means that your commercial space is clean, but it also translates to a healthier environment for everyone including employees and customers. If you leave dust to pile up on top of horizontal surfaces of the office for an extended period, the air quality will be compromised. Always ensure your office has a regular schedule of wiping down dusty surfaces, such as desks, filing cabinets, chairs, tables, carpets or upholstered office furniture. The carpets must be constantly washed and vacuumed in order to cut down the influx of respiratory irritants, which eventually improves the overall air quality of your office. When horizontal surfaces are spotless around-the clock, the dust and debris from the air will also clear faster. Furthermore, dirty offices can also intensify communicable diseases, such as flu, hay fever and dust mite allergies. Therefore, it is advisable to have a commercial cleaning service professional to come in regularly for cleaning in order to keep your office air fresh and clean.

  • Impress Clients with Good First Impressions

Imagine you are visiting a branch of your most preferred company in a different city. Immediately you walk in their offices, you see documents cluttered all over the desks, dirty walls, packaging shoved under desks, etc. How would you feel? Pathetic and unwelcomed is my best guess! Making a good impression on your clients starts with the cleanliness of your office space so that when they visit, they look forward to acquiring your products and services not to mention coming back for a repeat sale. A clean and tidy work environment creates trust and instils confidence from the get go and leaves the clients with a lasting impression of competence and remarkable meticulousness. However, a dirty and disorganised office immediately repels your potential clients because it demonstrates that your company lacks the crucial professionalism to care for its staff in the first place.

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